Sunday, December 3, 2023
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The war on oil prices triggered by Corona, OPEC’s decision to cut production

The increasing prevalence of the Corona virus has led to a decline in crude oil demand from around the world. That is...

कोरोनाव्हायरस रोगाची लक्षणे

लक्षणे विकसित होण्यापूर्वी 1 ते 14 दिवसांपर्यंत लोक व्हायरसने आजारी असू शकतात. कोरोनाव्हायरस रोगाची सर्वात सामान्य लक्षणे (कोविड -१) म्हणजे ताप, थकवा...


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IRCTC: Booking of trains departing on June 1, which trains will leave Mumbai?

IRCTC has started booking of 200 trains starting from June 1. The booking started at 10 a.m. on May 21.

Samsung QLED 8k price

When your TV can turn picture into 8K, has a borderless infinity screen, and tracks the sound of the action, you have...

The WHO fears that the corona virus will never run out

When will the corona virus be eradicated? When will this virus end? Such questions are common to all today.

Google’s premium video meetings are now free for everyone

START NEW MEETING See what you can do with Google Meet