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Will Trump’s decision to ban entry keep Indians’ American dream unfulfilled?

US President Donald Trump has signed an important decision. Following this decision, some applications for green cards have been temporarily banned.

Over the past few weeks, the closure of schools, markets, and businesses in the United States has affected the employment of more than two million people. After this, the US Congress (Parliament) announced a tough economic package. It is hoped that this package will bring some relief to American citizens.

Details of the new decision are not yet available. However, for those who have spent many months, many years, money for a green card, this decision is certainly sad.

Indian companies are also studying the potential consequences of the new decision. What exactly will be the effect of this decision on Indians?

But the United States has already made a number of decisions to deal with the Corona crisis. Therefore, experts believe that this step is more political than health.

The United States has already closed its borders with Mexico and Canada. Therefore, at present, migration through these borders is completely closed.

Secondly, foreign air transport is also closed. So at the moment no one from abroad can go to America. Against this backdrop, Trump’s new decision will have no real impact on the ground.

Trump has been accused of spreading corona in the United States and becoming the epicenter of the corona because President Trump did not pay attention in time. In addition, the United States is facing a major economic crisis.

A group in the US is also demanding that the lockdown be lifted. Demonstrations are also taking place for this.

An election decision?

According to international affairs expert Harsh Pant, the US presidential election is imminent and we want to send a message to Trump that we are adamant about our decision to target immigrants. Therefore, it seems that this is an attempt to create an election background.

Although Trump has said the ban will not be permanent in the United States, it is not clear how long it will last or when it will be lifted.

The Corona crisis in the United States does not seem to be easing. Therefore, it seems unlikely that the ban will be lifted till the elections.

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