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Corona lockdown: In Covid-19 crisis India Post deliver drugs to all over country

The Indian Postal Service is the largest postal service in the world, and during the Corona virus, the department has taken on another new public service.

Due to the lockdown, there has been a shortage of essential medicines in many parts of the country. The Indian Postal Service is now supplying medicines to such areas.

The red car of Post is familiar to every Indian. The Indian Postal Department trains these trains on the roads every day.

The Indian Postal Department has offices in six lakh villages across the country. Apart from letters and parcels, the Indian Postal Department provides many other services. Millions of Indians benefit from various services such as postal savings bank, life insurance, pension fund.

In the ‘Indian Post’ field to fight Corona

Today the transport system is completely closed due to lockdown. Therefore, the postal department is working to deliver these products to the areas where medical supplies and medicines are most needed.

Lockdown was announced across the country from March 24 to curb the spread of Covid-19 disease. Except for essential services, people were told to stop at their businesses.

However, launching a lockdown in just four hours after the announcement also affected the services of hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and pathology labs most needed to cope with Corona. They had no time to make any preparations.

‘Indian Postal Service will play a vital role at present’

Airline support was sought when needed for a distance or urgent delivery. A defibrillator was transported from Tamil Nadu to Uttar Pradesh by cargo plane. Sometimes the order has to be handled very carefully. One pharmaceutical company said their medicines needed cold storage. However, the department has assisted all those who sought help today.

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