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Narendra Modi extended lockdown till May 3, demanding 7 things to people

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to increase lockdown by May 3. They also made the lockdown more stringent.

For the fourth time, Modi has interacted with the countrymen in the wake of Corona.

This time, Modi has sought the people for 7 things. They are as follows:

1) Take care of the seniors in the house. Especially the sick old ones.

2) Follow the Lakshman line of lockdown and social distance. Use a mask.

3) Follow the Ayush ministry’s advice to increase your immunity. Drink hot water, remove.

4) Download the Health Setu Mobile App.

5) Take care of the poorest families as possible.

6) Don’t hire people who work in your business.

7) Corona Warriors – Respect doctors, police, etc.

So give a discount – Modi

You have benefitted from the decision you made in social distance and lockdown. Till April 20, every district and district will be monitored. Where there are fewer Corona patients, who have tried to prevent the infection. In areas where there is little potential for hotspot, few concessions will be given, Modi said.

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