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Corona Maharashtra: Uddhav Thackeray – Lockdown will remain until April 30

The lockdown will continue in Maharashtra for at least 30 April, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray announced after a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi today.

The points they raise –

  • The state started with a shutdown and now we have come to lockdown Where corona patients were found in Mumbai, those areas have been completely sealed.
  • The municipality of the state is doing the work of keeping track of who has contacted corona patients.
  • There were 33 thousand corona tests in the state. It took 19,000 tests in Mumbai. About 1 thousand of these people are infected with coronas.
  • The first patient will be found in the state this Monday and will complete in 5 weeks. No more than one patient should grow. We are breaking down the chain created by Corona’s infection.
  • Lockdown will continue in Maharashtra after April 14. Farm work is allowed in lockdown. She continued to do so. Also, the supply of essential commodities will continue.
  • Lockdown will continue in Maharashtra from April 14 to April 30.
  • The lockdown will remain until at least April 30th, at least I’m using words carefully. Because if conditions continue after April 30, restrictions will have to be tightened in some places.
  • लॉकडाऊन कधीपर्यंत चालेल हे आपल्या हातात आहे. शिस्त पाळली आणि संसर्गाची साखळी तोडली तर आपण त्यातून लवकर बाहेर पडू.
  • If we are disciplined, our country can become a world superpower in the future. America is asking for medicine right now.
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